Hal's: Great Steaks, Butter Style

Hal's is a premier steakhouse in Atlanta and is one of the best. They have a great wine list and a great menu. It's what you'd expect from this caliber of a restaurant. The cooking style of the steaks at Hal's is very similar to Ruth's Chris.
Author image Tom Hundley

700 Drayton: Breakfast in Savannah

I ordered chicken and waffles. They were quite good and I really have nothing to complain about as far as that is concerned. It probably wasn’t worth the price, but whatever, it was a pleasant meal.
Author image Tom Hundley

Maple Street Biscuit Company: Biscuits, Fried Chicken, and Maple Syrup!

I'd be very happy to drive past a McDonalds or Burger King to enjoy a fried chicken biscuit bathing in a pool of maple syrup, but I'd never be caught dead passing a Chik-Fil-A for one.
Author image Tom Hundley

Citizen Soul: Seriously Legit!

Next is the mac-n-cheese for the kids. Kids? Pfft! I'm getting it for dinner the next time we go. It's OMG good and definitely ranks as one of the best mac-n-cheeses I've ever had.
Author image Tom Hundley

My Stir Fry: Downhill or a Bad Visit

I have to say that based on our experience yesterday, we probably won't go back. It's too expensive for what you get and the service is bad.
Author image Tom Hundley

Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse: Would you like some bacon wrapped chicken?

It wasn't a terrible experience. It just wasn't what you expect when you pay $50-$100 a person. Galeto has a lot of work to do if they want to stay in business.
Author image Tom Hundley
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